Continuing in the Tradition of Service

Betsy Dickerson Azariah

Betsy Dickerson Azariah '66

Betsy Dickerson Azariah '66 left her family in Arizona to attend Mount Saint Mary's. Although far from family, Azariah was fortunate to find a mentor in Sister Laurentia.

"At Mount Saint Mary's, women are important. Women make a difference in the world. This is what the Mount teaches every single day," Azariah says.

During her time at Mount Saint Mary's Azariah gained invaluable leadership skills. She served as student body president, created engaging activities and was an outstanding student representative.

Azariah continued in the tradition of service she learned at the Mount, eventually going on to be the regional administrator for the Lakewood Office of Los Angeles County's Department of Children and Family Services. At the DCFS, Azariah led a team of social workers who worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and well being of children in Southern California.

Azariah is a steadfast supporter of Mount Saint Mary's. She contributes financially, serves as a regent and is a member of the Heritage Society. The Heritage Society is a valued group of individuals who have designated the Mount in their will or estate plans.

"I find it thrilling and comforting to know that my gift will continue to help young women after I'm gone. When you've gone to the Mount, you've been blessed. Give a little from your will and you will continue to give forever," Azariah says.

Azariah's future gift to the Mount will ensure young women with limited finances are able to graduate from Mount Saint Mary's University. Her gift will continue to make a difference in the in the lives of young women who desire to change the world.

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