Alumna Gives to the Mount for Future Students

Jane Palomino with her cousin Arlene Estrada

Jane Palomino '85 and her cousin Arlene Estrada

Jane D. Palomino '85 is a woman of vision—a woman who understands the great impact a Mount education can have in the lives of young women. She feels fortunate to have spent her educational career attending Catholic schools and first heard about the Mount from her high school counselor at Bishop Conaty Memorial. Although she didn't enroll at the Mount until her junior year in college, she was eager to transfer to MSMU to complete her degree in gerontology.

While at Mount Saint Mary's, Jane received critical financial support that made it possible for her to complete her degree. Her education prepared her for a long and fulfilling career as a case manager working one-on-one with the elderly. She recalls learning about giving back to the Mount during her college days, but the idea didn't materialize until years later when her mother and her aunt, the two most influential and supportive women in her life, passed away. It was then that Jane felt compelled to consider the impact she could have on others through her legacy.

Ultimately, Jane decided to include the Mount in her estate plan to support an endowed scholarship that will provide student aid in perpetuity. "When I received financial assistance to help me with my tuition, I was touched to know that someone I'd never met wanted to support me," she says. "They gave me a chance and inspired me to give other students a chance."

Jane is also supporting current projects at the Mount. She has placed a commemorative plaque on the Wall of Inspiration at the Chalon campus and pledged funds to generously support the construction of the new Wellness Pavilion.

Inspire Students' Futures

Like Jane, you can help make a difference in students' lives by becoming a member of the Heritage Society, a group of visionary individuals who have chosen to continue their legacy at MSMU. For more information, visit our website at